Yokohama Chinatown Lunar New Year

10 years ago by in Travel

At 4 PM, 4 or more dragons were set to patrol the Chinatown streets. Store owners hung a red envelope for the dragon to get and sometimes after disappearing into the store, the dragon reappeared with a carton of booze offerings from the owners. All in the name of good luck, and quite good fun to watch, albeit repetitive. But somehow, the wonder never ceased or at least the crowds didn’t. The pushing was quite fierce (and these are Japanese people! not trying to typecast, but polite is built into the language). Anyhow, imagine riding in a human wave, like on Tokyo subways during rush hour.

A more sedate activity was to offer incense and prayers to female or male god temple (the male is replenished in gold, and the female is closer to the yokohama subway line). if you wanna stick with jr all the way, take the keihin tohoku and it turns into the negishi line, stop @ ishigawacho (or something of that like).