Yokohama Walk

10 years ago by in Travel

On December, 31st we went to Yokohama. The place was quite deserted due to holiday but it was good not to bump into a crowd at each step for a change 🙂
I definitely wanted to see this famous wooden promenade I’ve seen in so many movies and doramas – it turned out to be a really nice place. And there were roses in full bloom at Yamashita Koen despite chilling weather and strong wind – so strong that Marine Tower went dangerously swaying, and delicious mikans and lucky chestnuts at China Town, and skating ring at Akarenga, and a windmill, and kites in the sunlit sky.

China museum in China Town

Part of Yokohama port, view from Marine Tower

Osanbashi International Passanger (boat) Terminal

And the wooden promenade is nothing but the roof of Osanbashi Terminal

I like graphics and such structures a pure delight

Minatomirai & Akarenga. Between red warehouses there was a skating ring

Just a bench and the sky. A dream place 🙂

What really surprised me was that even in December there were flowers blooming everywhere