Young woman rows solo for 5 months from Japan to Alaska

7 years ago by in Fashion

Sarah Outen, a woman aged 28 from Britain, has finished her solo journey from Japan to Alaska, after rowing for 150 days. Outen set a world record by becoming the first person in the history to row from Japan to Alaska, the expedition’s project manager said.

It is not the first time when the woman includes Japan in her adventurous expeditions. In 2011, she traveled more than 17, 700 kilometers by kayak and bicycle across Europe and Asia to Japan, following her multi-year mission of going around the world by using her own body’s power.

Outen got to the island of Adak island late on Monday and was greeted by about half of the 320 residents. “It was pouring down rain. But we were happy to see her,” Smiloff, the community’s former harbormaster, said.

She traversed over 3,200 kilometers from Japan to Adak Island, according to her website. She stopped within almost a kilometer of land and had to be towed the rest of the way to the island because of winds and current pushing her toward rocks, her Website’s blog section said.

At the moment, Outen is not available for comments, as she is exhausted and needs rest, according to the expedition’s project manager.

The young woman plans to go round the globe by bicycle, kayak and rowboat, according to the international press. She is using the expedition to raise money for four charity projects.