Yuki Kawauchi wins Gold Coast Marathon in Australia

8 years ago by in Sports

Japan’s marathon runner Yuki Kawauchi matched a meet record as he won the men’s race at the Gold Coast Marathon on Sunday, in Australia.

Kawauchi has already qualified for the Moscow World Championships scheduled for August. He finished the race after 2 hours, 10 minutes, 1 second, ahead of compatriot Taiga Ito, who timed 2:11:52.

“I actually pushed myself to the limit, I just had to keep on pushing,” he said, but “I feel that it (the track) is nice and flat with a beautiful view and there are some great spectators.”

“My time was pretty much what I was expecting it to be,” said Kawauchi, according to Kyodo news agency. “I achieved my minimum target of winning the race and this bodes well for me heading towards the world championships.

“I will continue preparing thoroughly and want to be confident on the starting line (at the worlds).”

Fellow Japanese runner Yukiko Akaba secured a female course record beating the 1993 record of two hours, 29 minutes and 29 seconds by just over two minutes, according to the organizers.

Around 30,000 people participated to the Gold Coast Marathon on 6 and 7 July, in Australia, in fine weather conditions.